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    Persona Media Entertainment is a fashion hub where enthusiastic like-minded people would love to curve their career into the fashion world. We do have 2 types of audition: online and offline. Online Audition, to get in touch with every hook and corner of India, where the candidate can showcase their talent digitally, Offline Audition: We are planning to have auditions in 22 cities just after the lockdown, where the audition would be taken face to face. We have got three categories:
    Persona Miss Queen
    Persona Mr. King
    Persona Mrs. Queen

    TheIndianCultures Fashion &  Beauty
    TheIndianCultures Fashion & Beauty
    TheIndianCultures Fashion & Beauty

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    TheIndianCultures is a cultural portal & Cultural Booking website Which Provide Booking Facilities in Fashion & Beauty , Travel & Tourism and many more.

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